About Catchin' Snags

Catchin' Snags Apparel is created and is run by one below averagely skilled but seriously addicted New Zealand angler. The idea or name of Catchin' Snags came from a recurring theme of trips to my local fishing spot and bringing in little to no fish but catchin' plenty of snags and loosing plenty of lures.
The goal of Catchin' Snags is to provide affordable but great quality fishing apparel and be the brand to represent all the below average anglers in New Zealand, who love to fish but don't seem to have luck on their side. 
Join the Catchin' Snags family and lets make it the number one brand for that kiwi battler, who can be heard yelling profanities into the distance after snagging up into a willow just as bite time kicks off.
Catchin' snags logo - fisherman